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  1. a combining form representing sinus in compound words: sinorespiratory.
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  1. a combining form meaning “Chinese”: Sino-Tibetan; Sinology.
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Origin of Sino-

< New Latin, combining form representing Late Latin Sīnae the Chinese < Late Greek SînaiChinese Qìn Ch'in
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British Dictionary definitions for sino-


combining form
  1. ChineseSino-Tibetan; Sinology
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Word Origin

from French, from Late Latin Sīnae the Chinese, from Late Greek Sinai, from Arabic Sīn China, probably from Chinese Ch'in
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Word Origin and History for sino-


before vowels Sin-, word-forming element meaning "Chinese," 1879, from Late Latin Sinæ (plural) "the Chinese," from Ptolemaic Greek Sinai, from Arabic Sin "China," probably from Chinese Ch'in, name of the fourth dynasty of China (see China).

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