[ si-rish-ee-uhs ]
/ sɪˈrɪʃ i əs /
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Saint, died a.d. 399, pope 384–399.



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Example sentences from the Web for Siricius

  • It is evident, therefore, that the basilica was built between 390 and 395, during the pontificate of Siricius.

    Pagan and Christian Rome|Rodolfo Lanciani
  • A Christian pope, Siricius, branded it as “a pollution of the flesh.”

    The Christ|John Eleazer Remsburg
  • Jerome answered him and Pope Siricius excommunicated him and his followers as heretics .

    The Rise of the Mediaeval Church|Alexander Clarence Flick
  • By a decree of Pope Siricius at the end of the fourth century marriage was interdicted to all priests and deacons.

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