[ sis-teen, -tin, -tahyn ]


  1. of or relating to any pope named Sixtus.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Sistine1

1860–65; < Italian Sistino, pertaining to Sisto man's name (< Latin Sextus ( Medieval Latin Sixtus ), special use of sextus sixth ); -ine 1
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Example Sentences

VATICAN CITY—In the 500 or so years since the Sistine Chapel was decorated, it has never looked so good.

She “was an attractive blonde,” Bai writes, “only in the sense that the Sistine Chapel had some pretty good artwork.”

Comparing Yellowstone to the Sistine Chapel is the brainchild of an ex-superintendent of Yellowstone Park.

He was painting the Sistine Chapel, and he was angry at one of the bishops or cardinals, so he painted him in with donkey ears.

Have you been compulsively checking to see if white smoke has billowed from the Sistine Chapel yet?

The Sistine Chapel, which stands unique upon the earth, is one of the spots in question.

The Sistine Chapel was the most beautiful apartment in the Vatican.

The paintings may still be seen in the magnificent room which serves as antechamber to the Sistine Chapel.

Leonora was first to discover it—the beautiful copy of the Sistine Madonna, hanging opposite David's bed.

She rose, holding the child with the greatest dignity—The picture she made could be in the Sistine Chapel.





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