[ sit-doun ]
/ ˈsɪtˌdaʊn /


done or accomplished while sitting down: sit-down meetings between the two party leaders.
(of a meal or food) served to or intended for persons seated at a table: a sit-down dinner.


Informal. a period or instance of sitting, as to relax, talk, or the like: They had a profitable sit-down together.
a protest demonstration whereby participants refuse to move from a public place.
Informal. a meal, especially a dinner, served to persons who are seated at a table.

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Origin of sit-down

First recorded in 1830–40; adj. and noun use of verb phrase sit down


[ sit ]
/ sɪt /

verb (used without object), sat or (Archaic) sate; sat or (Archaic) sit·ten; sit·ting.

verb (used with object), sat or (Archaic) sate; sat or (Archaic) sit·ten; sit·ting.

Verb Phrases

Origin of sit

before 900; Middle English sitten, Old English sittan; cognate with Dutch zitten, German sitzen, Old Norse sitja; akin to Gothic sitan, Latin sedēre, Greek hézesthai (base hed-); cf. set, sedate, cathedral, nest

Can be confusedset sit (see usage note at set)

Usage note

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British Dictionary definitions for sit down

sit down

verb (adverb)

to adopt or cause (oneself or another) to adopt a sitting posture
(intr foll by under) to suffer (insults, etc) without protests or resistance

noun sit-down

a form of civil disobedience in which demonstrators sit down in a public place as a protest or to draw attention to a cause

adjective sit-down

(of a meal, etc) eaten while sitting down at a table


/ text messaging /

abbreviation for

stay in touch


/ (sɪt) /

verb sits, sitting or sat (mainly intr)

Word Origin for sit

Old English sittan; related to Old Norse sitja, Gothic sitan, Old High German sizzen, Latin sedēre to sit, Sanskrit sīdati he sits

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Word Origin and History for sit down
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Idioms and Phrases with sit down

sit down


Take a seat, as in Won't you sit down? I won't be long. [c. 1200]


sit down to. Prepare to eat a meal, as in At six we all sat down to dinner. [Late 1500s]


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