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[ sit-ing ]


  1. the act of a person or thing that sits.
  2. a period of remaining seated, as in posing for a portrait or reading a book.
  3. the space on or in which one sits, as in a church.
  4. a brooding, as of a hen upon eggs; incubation.
  5. the number of eggs on which a bird sits during a single hatching; clutch.
  6. a session, as of a court or legislature.
  7. the time or space allotted to the serving of a meal to a group, as aboard a ship.


  1. (of a bird) occupying a nest of eggs for hatching.
  2. of, for, or suited to sitting:

    a sitting area in the lobby.

  3. holding an official position or office; occupying an appointed or elected seat; incumbent:

    a sitting pontiff.

  4. in session or at work; active:

    a sitting legislature.


/ ˈsɪtɪŋ /


  1. a continuous period of being seated

    I read his novel at one sitting

  2. such a period in a restaurant, canteen, etc, where space and other facilities are limited

    dinner will be served in two sittings

  3. the act or period of posing for one's portrait to be painted, carved, etc
  4. a meeting, esp of an official body, to conduct business
  5. the incubation period of a bird's eggs during which the mother sits on them to keep them warm


  1. in office

    a sitting Member of Parliament

  2. (of a hen) brooding eggs
  3. seated

    in a sitting position

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Word History and Origins

Origin of sitting1

Middle English word dating back to 1175–1225; sit 1, -ing 1, -ing 2
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Idioms and Phrases

  1. sitting pretty, in an auspicious position:

    He's been sitting pretty since he got that new job.

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Example Sentences

Although we look forward to returning to normal sittings in our Courtroom, we have been able to stay current in our work.

Two sets of friends dropped off food for Thanksgiving, more than Carrie and I could ever eat in one sitting.

I could polish off half a package in one sitting, completely defying any alleged dietary benefit.

From Eater

Pretending to eat while secretly spitting out food, editing hours of footage to appear like a single sitting and vomiting between courses were among the tricks China Central Television revealed.

From Ozy

Given that the satellite can see both ground stations for 285 seconds a day, that means that the satellite could transmit roughly 34 bits of data in a sitting.

And it might be what Islamists complain about while sitting in their caves.

And there are these three or four very mean Mexicans sitting next to us.

Elle magazine shot an editorial in September, one picture revealing a teacup pig sitting pretty by a mini Tyler Alexandra bag.

I couldn't have imagined that I would actually be sitting with him, coincidentally at age 30, discussing the same issue.

A worn couch sitting squarely before a wood veneer wall, accented by the head of a deer.

It is to be feared that the attractions of the house-dinner were not the sole inducement to many of those sitting there.

He chiefly divided his time between the House of Lords and sitting at home, lamenting over his own ill-starred existence.

In the centre of the room is an oval table; some dozen men are sitting at it; as many more stand behind their chairs.

Outside the hotel he came upon the two sisters sitting on a bench and drinking coffee.

We (the officers) were sitting in a circle round the general and Alcalde, both of whom appeared uneasy and anxious.


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