[verb sich-oo-eyt; adjective sich-oo-it, -eyt]
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  1. Archaic. located; placed; situated.

Origin of situate

1515–25; < Late Latin situātus situated, equivalent to Latin situ-, stem of situs site + -ātus -ate1
Related formsin·ter·sit·u·ate, verb (used with object), in·ter·sit·u·at·ed, in·ter·sit·u·at··sit·u·ate, verb (used with object), re·sit·u·at·ed, re·sit·u·at·ing.

Synonyms for situate

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settle, establish, set, fix, park, place, stand, put, position

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Historical Examples of situate

  • The Natchez are situate in about 32 odd minutes of north latitude, and 280 of longitude.

    The History of Louisiana

    Le Page Du Pratz

  • Biloxi is situate opposite to Ship-Island, and four leagues from it.

    The History of Louisiana

    Le Page Du Pratz

  • Their then encampment was situate on the edge of the forest belt.

    The Sign of the Spider

    Bertram Mitford

  • This is an open place, without walls or castle, situate in 19 deg.

    The Pirates of Panama

    A. O. (Alexandre Olivier) Exquemelin

  • This mountain was situate on the flank of the Boer position.

    Our Sailors

    W.H.G. Kingston

British Dictionary definitions for situate


  1. (tr; often passive) to allot a site to; place; locate
  1. (now used esp in legal contexts) situated; located

Word Origin for situate

C16: from Late Latin situāre to position, from Latin situs a site
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Word Origin and History for situate

early 15c., "to place in a particular state or condition," from Medieval Latin situatus, past participle of situare "to place, locate," from Latin situs "a place, position" (see site). Related: Situated; situating.


1520s, now obsolete, adjective from Late Latin situatus, past participle of situare (see situate (v.)).

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