sixth form


(in England and Wales) the most senior class in a secondary school to which pupils, usually above the legal leaving age, may proceed to take A levels, retake GCSEs, etc

Derived Formssixth-former, noun
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Examples from the Web for sixth-form

Historical Examples of sixth-form

  • “You can do that better than I can,” said the Sixth-form boy, laughing.

    Follow My leader

    Talbot Baines Reed

  • The tables were laid for six, each headed by a sixth-form girl.

    Judy of York Hill

    Ethel Hume Patterson Bennett

  • He regarded me as a sixth-form boy might regard a fourth-form boy.

    The Ghost

    Arnold Bennett

  • At the same moment the Sixth-Form boy at the head of the table left his place and bore down on the offenders.

    The Master of the Shell

    Talbot Baines Reed

  • Father and mother might weary of eternal cricket and sixth-form reminiscences, and impatiently suggest bed or a book.

    A Question of Marriage

    Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey