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[ sahyz-uhp ]


  1. an appraisal or estimation, especially as the result of sizing up:

    asking for a size-up of the new office equipment.

size up


  1. tr to make an assessment of (a person, problem, etc)
  2. to conform to or make so as to conform to certain specifications of dimension

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Word History and Origins

Origin of size-up1

Noun use of verb phrase size up

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Idioms and Phrases

Make an estimate, opinion, or judgment of, as in She sized up her opponent and decided to withdraw from the election . This usage transfers measuring the size of something to broader meaning. [Late 1800s]

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Example Sentences

As I size up the scene, Jack White now wears the crown … and he wears it well.

There has got to be a way to size up a new smartphone without devolving into the most overwrought tech clichés on the Internet.

Size up every situation, and find beauty in all things, not just the pretty young ones.

Google's new phone can get you a cab and size up an earthquake.

The Admiral came aboard and between us we tried to size up the new situation and to readjust ourselves thereto.

But this mornin' I got a chance to size up the whole bunch, and nary one uh them jaspers I wanted t' see was in sight.

There, too, was James Duane, with never so great need of his "surveying eye" to enable him to size up the situation.

Envelopes of any size up to twelve inches are handled, and by throwing off the sealing device, mailing cards can be stamped.

Once on the arena, I size up my man, fall to, and decide on the spot whether to thrust or to cut.


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