/ (skɛlf) /
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noun Scot and Northern English dialect

a splinter of wood, esp when embedded accidentally in the skin
a thin or diminutive person



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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
from Scottish; see shelf
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  • They're her beuks maistly upo' the skelf there abune yer ain, Mr. Sutherlan'.

    David Elginbrod|George MacDonald
  • Yell be a arable man; alls carrs hereabouts; but I dont doubt ye know all about Skelf-Mary.

    Back o' the Moon|Oliver Onions
  • I supped and lay that night in his hut; and by eight oclock next morning he had conducted me to the village of Skelf-Mary.

    Back o' the Moon|Oliver Onions
  • It wasna an ill w'y to beery fowk, nor an ill place to gang til, for they aye biggit up the skelf, ye ken.

    Heather and Snow|George MacDonald
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