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or scelp

[skelp]Scot. and North England
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  1. a slap, smack, or blow, especially one given with the open hand.
  2. the sound of such a slap or smack.
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verb (used with object)
  1. to slap, smack, or strike (someone), especially on the buttocks; spank.
  2. to drive (animals) by slapping or goading them.
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Origin of skelp1

1350–1400; Middle English; probably imitative


  1. metal in strip form that is fed into various rolls and welded to form tubing.
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Origin of skelp2

First recorded in 1805–15; perhaps special use of skelp1
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Examples from the Web for skelp

Historical Examples

  • If dey'd piped me off den, dey'd have took me skelp, all right.

    Motor Matt's Red Flyer, or, On the High Gear

    Stanley R. Matthews

  • Hed admire to take a skelp, that Tomcat would, but hes shy the sand.

    The Sunset Trail

    Alfred Henry Lewis

  • I'm not a-going to have my skelp a-hanging to your belt for days and days, like the rest of them.

    The Graysons

    Edward Eggleston

  • I heard one boy say to another:—'I'll give you a skelp (blow) on the puss.'

  • Some redskins haven't sense enough to let a skelp alone, but he has.

    The Red Mustang

    William O. Stoddard

British Dictionary definitions for skelp


  1. (tr) to slap
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  1. a slap
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Word Origin

C15: probably of imitative origin


  1. sheet or plate metal that has been curved and welded to form a tube
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Word Origin

C19: perhaps from Scottish Gaelic sgealb thin strip of wood
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