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[ skahyz ]


  1. plural of sky.


  1. 3rd person singular present tense of sky.
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Example Sentences

The Romantic Skies pack, for instance, will set you back $25 and get you 20 high-res skies to insert into your images.

We know that the skies are open season for all manner of drone traffic, from missile launchers to beer droppers.

Imagine driving through the Scottish countryside, rolling through a vast landscape of green hills and cloudy skies.

The crime-fighting penguins, says the trailer, are “masters of the skies, espionage, and aerial assault.”

Every night, they emerge from their roosts, taking to the skies on silent wings.

Under unusually blue skies in Beijing, the American and Chinese presidents vow cooperation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Through what ages has that declaration, not to be denied, ascended to cold and cruel skies?

But for the trees, these sullen skies and level grounds would render England dreary enough.

Lifted to the skies for an hour by popular adulation, he has been sunk into obscurity ever since by historic contempt.

The decanter reflects in miniature on its polished sides the trees around it and the women that pass by and the skies.

A voice from heaven hails the invincible conqueror, and his soul in the form of a dove ascends to the skies.