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[ skil-fuhl ]


  1. having or exercising skill:

    a skillful juggler.

    Synonyms: ingenious, clever, apt, adept, deft, adroit, ready

    Antonyms: amateurish, clumsy, awkward

  2. showing or involving skill:

    a skillful display of fancy diving.

  3. Obsolete. reasonable; rational.

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Other Words From

  • skillful·ly adverb
  • skillful·ness noun
  • quasi-skillful adjective
  • quasi-skillful·ly adverb
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Word History and Origins

Origin of skillful1

Middle English word dating back to 1250–1300; skill 1, -ful
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Synonym Study

Skillful, skilled, expert refer to readiness and adroitness in an occupation, craft, or art. Skillful suggests especially adroitness and dexterity: a skillful watchmaker. Skilled implies having had long experience and thus having acquired a high degree of proficiency: not an amateur but a skilled worker. Expert means having the highest degree of proficiency; it may mean much the same as skillful or skilled, or both: expert workmanship. dexterous.
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Example Sentences

It’s more rare that you get the chance to watch skillful artists and artisans work.

From Time

I feel like they’ve packaged influencer selection services into their overall offering in a very skillful and effective way.

From Digiday

There are simply too many characters jostling for attention in a book that covers more than six decades, and even Leonnig’s skillful writing can’t quite overcome the numbing impact of so much detail.

As I watched on opening night, I could appreciate the beautiful and skillful filmmaking, but that did not prevent the emotional roller coaster I felt as I watched almost two years of our relationship condensed into 20 minutes of footage.

That’s thanks to skillful fighting, venom and lots of prey-wrapping silk.

So is science just another upaya, or skillful means, to spread Buddhist teaching?

But NPs are quite capable of delivering skillful primary care without my looking over their shoulders.

Even the most quick-witted cops and the most skillful surgeons could not have saved him.

If you look in the dictionary today, it says “naiad: any skillful female wimmer.”

He was medevacced to Dallas and survived only to face the smart and skillful Fernandez in court.

Coldriver did not know there was such a thing as inviting patronage by skillful display.

The Girondists knew to whom they were indebted for many of the most skillful parries and retaliatory blows.

He earned thirty-six francs a month by his position to support himself, but he was neat and skillful.

Skillful work had made it seem a vital thing to the people, and hundreds of letters and telegrams poured in to representatives.

It is a powerful summary, and a skillful plea for the adoption of a policy of conciliation with the colonies of America.