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[ skim-ing ]


  1. Usually skimmings. floating matter that is removed from the surface of a liquid.
  2. skimmings, Metallurgy. dross.
  3. Slang. the practice of concealing gambling or other profits so as to avoid paying taxes, commissions, etc.:

    An audit of their cleaning business uncovered several years of skimming.

  4. the practice of electronically appropriating account numbers or other confidential data for illegal use:

    A chip is embedded in the credit card to prevent skimming.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of skimming1

First recorded in 1425–75; late Middle English skemmyng; skim, -ing 1

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Example Sentences

Many shoppers are in the skimming mindset and are looking for fast, easily digestible information.

That fast skimming, she says, can become a habit associated with reading on-screen.

Imagine a drone skimming above the ocean waves, steered by scientists on a research ship in the distance.

Skimming a plethora of responses on weed website forums, it appears that they seldom do.

The Tropicana was a mobbed-up resort riddled with hidden ownership, casino skimming, and bad debt.

Occasionally, I found myself skimming those italicized “Me and I” conversations.

Previous generations of retirees were skimming off the top of a rapidly growing surplus.

Then they would send their snow-snakes skimming over the hard crust of snow.

He could shoot his arrows to the sky, and could send his snow-snakes skimming far beyond the rest.

But these people are wholly on wires; laying their ears down, skimming away, pausing as though shot, and presto!

Bowden was alone, in an armchair by the little lamp, skimming a paper while waiting for Mrs. Garford to return from her bedroom.

Again the yacht swung out into the river, gathering headway quickly and skimming along, heeling very gently.





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