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[ skahy-lahyn ]


  1. the boundary line between earth and sky; the apparent horizon:

    A sail appeared against the skyline.

  2. the outline of something, as the buildings of a city, against the sky:

    the New York skyline.

verb (used with object)

, sky·lined, sky·lin·ing.
  1. to outline (something) against the sky.


/ ˈskaɪˌlaɪn /


  1. the line at which the earth and sky appear to meet; horizon
  2. the outline of buildings, mountains, trees, etc, seen against the sky

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Word History and Origins

Origin of skyline1

First recorded in 1855–60; sky + line 1

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Example Sentences

Nestled in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains, the city’s skyline to the east is framed by 10,000-foot peaks.

In the 1960s, American architects were preoccupied with erecting iconic buildings along city skylines.

From Quartz

Juul’s June 2015 launch party was held at Jack Studios, a giant industrial loft space in Manhattan often used for fashion photo shoots, with striking views of the city skyline and the Hudson River below.

From Time

Filling those offices with paying tenants would be necessary to keep the new skyline from becoming a symbol of failure.

From Time

Artist Stephen Wiltshire is famous for his panoramic skyline views, which he draws entirely from memory.

From Ozy

Chicago retains its brilliant skyline, great cultural institutions, powerful political influence, and a strong business community.

The absence of the Twin Towers in the skyline was jarring, as was the sight of tanks and humvees posted along Park Row.

In the distance the fractured skyline of the city stood out like shards of glass.

Day and night, the downtown skyline is gorgeous to gaze at from ground level.

Now I was content to sit next to Dad on his bed and look out the window at the orange light bouncing off the New York skyline.

Only, he argued, British soldiers would stand against the skyline during a general action.

The last thing—against the skyline—a little column of French soldiers of the line charging back upwards towards the lost redoubt.

Matt studied the skyline in advance, wondering how far away the two ruffians were and what their designs could be.

When the last of them had passed I observed with great alarm a thinning out of the darkness along the eastern skyline.

Beyond rose tier on tier of hills, ending on the skyline in snow-clad mountain peaks.


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