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  1. with noisy violence: He drove slam-bang through the garage door.

  2. quickly and carelessly; slapdash.

  1. noisy and violent.

  2. excitingly fast-paced, especially in a noisy and violent way; action-filled; thrilling: a slam-bang ending to the movie.

  1. vigorous and fast but careless; slapdash.

  2. outstanding or powerful; excellent: a slam-bang keynote address.

verb (used without object)
  1. to act or proceed in a chaotic or disorderly fashion: The children slam-banged into the furniture.

Origin of slam-bang

An Americanism dating back to 1830–40

Other words from slam-bang

  • slam-banger, noun

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How to use slam-bang in a sentence

  • Right under Uncle Wiggily they flew, and just as the sky-cracker was going to burst with a "slam-bang!"

    Uncle Wiggily's Travels | Howard R. Garis
  • He was a fat old boy named Poui-slam-bang, or some such name, an' he received us as nice as you please.

    Captain Scraggs | Peter B. Kyne
  • The door creaked and pushed off its hinges, falling with a slam-bang.

    "Say Fellows--" | Wade C. Smith
  • A flying object came slam bang against the lookout window not two inches from Foggs nose.

  • Suddenly, wwhile chuckling over a joke, we donks walked slam-bang against a barbed-wire fence, throwing the men into a rage.

    On a Donkey's Hurricane Deck | R. Pitcher Woodward

British Dictionary definitions for slam-bang


  1. another word (esp US) for slap-bang

  2. US informal carelessly; recklessly

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