[ slam-duhngk ]
/ ˈslæmˌdʌŋk /

verb (used with object)

Basketball. to dunk (the ball) with great force.

Definition for slam-dunk (2 of 2)

slam dunk


Basketball. a particularly forceful, often dramatic dunk shot.
Slang. something regarded as certain to occur or be accomplished, typically something desirable that requires little further effort: The election is starting to look like a slam dunk for our side.

Origin of slam dunk

First recorded in 1975–80


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British Dictionary definitions for slam-dunk

slam dunk


basketball a scoring shot in which a player jumps up and forces the ball down through the basket
informal a task so easy that success in it is deemed a certainty

verb slam-dunk

basketball to jump up and force (a ball) through a basket
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Idioms and Phrases with slam-dunk

slam dunk

A forceful, dramatic move, as in That indictment was a slam dunk if ever there was one. This expression is also often put as a verb, slam-dunk, meaning “make a forceful move against someone,” as in This is a great chance for us to slam-dunk the opposition. The idiom comes from basketball, where it refers to a dramatic shot in which the ball is thrust into the basket from above the rim. It was transferred to other activities from about 1980 on.

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