[slant-ahyd, slahnt-]

adjective (of a person)

having eyes with epicanthic folds.
having eyes that appear to slant.
Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. being from East Asia, especially a Chinese or Japanese person.

Origin of slant-eyed

First recorded in 1860–65

Usage note

Slant, slant-eye, slant-eyed, and slope are highly offensive slurs that derive from a description of Asian eyes that appear to slant because of epicanthic folds. The adjective slant-eyed was first used in the 1860s. The noun slant-eye dates from the 1920s, and was shortened to slant at the beginning of World War II. The term slope first appeared in the late 1940s. These slurs were all used during the Vietnam War to refer to the Vietnamese. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for slant-eyed

Historical Examples of slant-eyed

  • That last statement was proof that the slant-eyed Jap was no dope.

    Dave Dawson on Guadalcanal

    Robert Sydney Bowen

  • Ramon, having learned patience, said no more but watched her slant-eyed.

  • He knew his face was paling as he rose and backed the downcast, slant-eyed youth against the window-casing.

  • And for one crazy instant he was tempted to wheel around and drive both fists into that slant-eyed, hateful face.

    Dave Dawson on Guadalcanal

    Robert Sydney Bowen

  • Then a shrill order in sing-song Japanese snapped the look of disappointment from their slant-eyed faces.

    Dave Dawson on Guadalcanal

    Robert Sydney Bowen