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[ sley-tid ]


  1. nominated or appointed:

    The rabbi spoke out against the slated all-male committee for appointing rabbinic judges, calling it a further exclusion of women from public space.

  2. planned or scheduled:

    After a long work week, a night of entertainment and dining are among the slated activities for the weekend.

  3. covered with or as with slate:

    The walls of the family home crumble quietly under the weight of the slated roof that occasionally shakes loose and falls in pieces to the ground.

  4. harshly or severely criticized:

    Poor design is possibly one of the most slated aspects of this entire toy franchise.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of slate 1.

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Example Sentences

That matters because the Electoral Count Act also mandates that any dispute over slates of electors from a state be resolved in favor of a slate signed by the state executive, which in most states is the governor.

Agricultural sectors report strong supply and that much of the food that had been slated for food service before the pandemic has been repackaged or resized for retail consumers.

Games against George Mason, La Salle and Monmouth fill out the rest of the team’s nonconference slate.

We will do everything we can possibly do in the state of Michigan to ensure that that does not occur and that the slate of electors accurately reflects whoever received the most votes.

Spears, in other words, was a passive blank slate, an actress with basic singing and dancing abilities who got lucky.

From Vox

Block 3F is slated for release in 2019, but who knows how much that will slip?

The new trail is slated for February, which happens to be around the time the eagles will likely be starting another brood.

Paul is slated to deliver a “big speech” on foreign policy in mid-October at the National Defense University.

A companion bill slated for a vote to defund DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was shelved.

In fact, he has axed the sub-group of the project that was slated to work on the cognitive level.

The height of the tower from the level of the street is 105 feet, the slated towers over the lateral pediments being smaller.

To-day was no exception; we were well slated, and two shrapnel hit the roof.

Some steps from the mansion I stopped before a little cot with a slated roof, flanked by a little wooden perron.

There is a massive central tower with a high spire of Norman, slated, I suppose near 200 feet high.

A plan, natural in appearance, is arranged for the public, and at the right time the slated program is sprung.


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