[ slee-zee, sley-zee ]
/ ˈsli zi, ˈsleɪ zi /
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adjective, slea·zi·er, slea·zi·est.

contemptibly low, mean, or disreputable: sleazy politics.
squalid; sordid; filthy; dilapidated: a sleazy hotel.
thin or poor in texture, as a fabric; cheap; flimsy: a sleazy dress; a sleazy excuse.



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Origin of sleazy

1635–45; (def. 3) of obscure origin (probably unrelated to Silesia other than by folk etymology); sense of defs. 1, 2 (first attested 1941) perhaps represent a distinct word
slea·zi·ly, adverbslea·zi·ness, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for sleazy

/ (ˈsliːzɪ) /

adjective -zier or -ziest

sordid; disreputablea sleazy nightclub
thin or flimsy, as cloth
sleazily, adverbsleaziness, noun
C17: origin uncertain
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