[ sleep-waw-ker ]

  1. a person who walks, eats, or performs other motor acts while asleep and is unaware of doing so upon awakening; a person with a disorder characterized by this: A sleepwalker may do something that could cause injury, such as climbing out of a window or walking into objects.

  2. a person who acts seemingly without awareness, feeling, aim, or will: My parents were sleepwalkers, moving about their world as if oblivious to it and to themselves.

Origin of sleepwalker


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How to use sleepwalker in a sentence

  • Later, he describes himself as “a sleepwalker—who turns off the alarm clock.”

  • Neither was it the face of a dreamer or a sleepwalker, or of the dead, when the lines disappear and life retires.

    The Necromancers | Robert Hugh Benson
  • When at length the candle was lighted, he took it in his hand and went into the parlour like a sleepwalker.

    The Manxman | Hall Caine
  • He went about extinguishing the gas as aimlessly and mechanically as a sleepwalker, unaware of the things he was touching.

    The Cottage of Delight | Will N. Harben
  • Emil overtook her and catching her by the shoulders shook her gently, as if he were trying to awaken a sleepwalker.

    O Pioneers! | Willa Cather
  • “This way,” answered Molly, looking indeed like a sleepwalker as she glided down the hall to the main steps.