the act of updating a software program without adequately informing the public, as by failing to release it as an official new version.

Origin of slipstreaming

First recorded in 1985–90



noun Also slip stream.

Aeronautics. the airstream pushed back by a revolving aircraft propeller.Compare backwash(def 2), wash(def 31).
the airstream generating reduced air pressure and forward suction directly behind a rapidly moving vehicle.

verb (used without object)

to ride in the slipstream of a fast-moving vehicle.

Origin of slipstream

First recorded in 1910–15; slip1 + stream Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for slipstreaming



Also called: airstream, race
  1. the stream of air forced backwards by an aircraft propeller
  2. a stream of air behind any moving object


motor racing to follow (another car, etc) closely in order to take advantage of the decreased wind resistance immediately behind it
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Word Origin and History for slipstreaming



also slip-stream, 1913, from slip (n.2) + stream (n.).

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