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[ slop-ee ]


, slop·pi·er, slop·pi·est.
  1. muddy, slushy, or very wet:

    The field was a sloppy mess after the rain.

  2. splashed or soiled with liquid.

    Synonyms: messy

  3. careless; loose:

    sloppy writing.

    Synonyms: slipshod

  4. untidy; slovenly:

    sloppy clothes; a sloppy eater.

    Synonyms: slatternly, messy

  5. overly emotional; gushy:

    sloppy sentimentality.

  6. (of food or drink) prepared or served in an unappetizing way.
  7. (of clothes) loose-fitting; baggy:

    a big, sloppy sweater.

  8. (of the surface of a racetrack) wet from a recent or continuing heavy rain and containing puddles and mud still too thin and watery to be sticky.


/ ˈslɒpɪ /


  1. (esp of ground conditions, etc) wet; slushy
  2. informal.
    careless; untidy
  3. informal.
    mawkishly sentimental
  4. (of food or drink) watery and unappetizing
  5. splashed with slops
  6. (of clothes) loose; baggy

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Derived Forms

  • ˈsloppily, adverb
  • ˈsloppiness, noun

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Other Words From

  • sloppi·ly adverb
  • sloppi·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of sloppy1

First recorded in 1700–10; slop 1 + -y 1

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Example Sentences

The Wizards’ offense was sloppy, but that didn’t make a difference in light of one of their best defensive stretches of the season.

Without it, hikers get “sloppy,” especially when they’re tired.

Maryland’s defense remained a concern, but the Terps were also sloppy with the ball, finishing with 16 turnovers that turned into 27 Ohio State points.

With a healthcare system already riddled with disparities, sloppy applications of deep learning could make that worse.

Eller said the Capitals lost some of their edge, getting sloppy and taking too many penalties.

He catalogues the sloppy flow of outside money and its failures to transform the country.

I mean, it shouldn't be sloppy work; it shouldn't be bad procurement process.

Some of the stuff has been so shoddy and so sloppy that our soldiers are over there dying in the shower from electrocution.

There are two separate crises that Republicans (and sloppy liberals) are conflating for political reasons.

The Chairman, the new book about disgraced former Florida Republican Party chairman Jim Greer, is a sloppy, ugly mess.

It is turning a little colder now, which will be really a great improvement over the sloppy weather we have been having.

A few lights were moving about, and shadows fell hither and thither as one of the hands carried a lantern along the sloppy deck.

Friday, the 4th of April, was a sloppy day, and just before sundown we heard firing off towards Sherman's division.

At about one o'clock—or between one and two—she thought she heard a sloppy footstep near the sleeping porch.

This manner of cooling is especially adapted to camping parties and will prevent sloppy butter, sour milk and spoiling fruit.





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