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[ sloh-doun ]


  1. a slowing down or delay in progress, action, etc.

    Synonyms: flagging, decline, falloff

  2. a deliberate slowing of pace by workers to win demands from their employers.
  3. Sports. a holding or passing tactic by a team to retain possession of the ball, puck, etc., or use up a maximal amount of time, as to safeguard a lead or thwart a high-scoring opponent.


/ ˈsləʊˌdaʊn /


  1. the usual US and Canadian word for go-slow
  2. any slackening of pace

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Word History and Origins

Origin of slowdown1

First recorded in 1895–1900; noun use of verb phrase slow down

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Example Sentences

Nor were they driven by anger related to the civil rights abuses facing communities of color or the delayed stimulus payments to address the economic slowdown.

From Ozy

The county opened up vaccinations to residents 75 and older Monday, citing a recent slowdown in appointments.

The result is a mix of slowdowns in getting vaccines out and discarded doses as people don’t meet narrow guidelines.

From Vox

If the pandemic were to go on for the second part of 2021, which I think nobody believes will be the case, you might have some impact because of administrative slowdowns and other things.

From Fortune

Illumina in 2019 noted a slowdown in demand for consumer DNA test kits.

Their immediate response tells an important truth about a police slowdown that has spread throughout New York City in recent days.

Residents of the neighborhoods where cops are needed the most are mixed on the impact of the apparent slowdown.

CDC Director Thomas Frieden is also seen in the ad deploring the slowdown in funds.

While states have the right to set their own judicial penalties, there has been no capital punishment slowdown at a federal level.

Keynesians have insisted that the slower economy should explain much of the recent slowdown in job gains.


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