[ sluhb ]
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verb (used with object),slubbed, slub·bing.
  1. to extend (slivers of fiber) and twist slightly in carding.

  1. the fibers produced by slubbing.

  2. a slight irregularity in yarn produced either accidentally or purposely by knotting or twisting or by including uneven lengths of fiber in spinning.

Origin of slub

First recorded in 1825–35; origin uncertain

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British Dictionary definitions for slub


/ (slʌb) /

  1. a lump in yarn or fabric, often made intentionally to give a knobbly effect

  2. a loosely twisted roll of fibre prepared for spinning

verbslubs, slubbing or slubbed
  1. (tr) to draw out and twist (a sliver of fibre) preparatory to spinning

  1. (of material) having an irregular appearance

Origin of slub

C18: of unknown origin

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