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[ smawl-toun ]


  1. of, relating to, or characteristic of a town or village:

    a typical, small-town general store.

  2. provincial or unsophisticated:

    small-town manners.

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Other Words From

  • small-towner noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of small-town1

First recorded in 1880–85

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Example Sentences

Among the scores of bystanders watching their small town turn into war zone was a Marine veteran who was close with Stone.

Turns out, this is the second notorious crook to come from this small town.

It is certainly more stylish than a council flat in a small-town banlieue!

A small-town Ohio elementary school teacher just racked up 25 charges on an otherwise clean record for allegedly raping her son.

Even her most extreme remarks have been delivered with a smile as she radiates the warmth of a friendly small-town neighbor.

The Duchess had also a tent for their sick men; so that we had a small town of our own here, and every body employed.

But those I speak of, the best women of every small town, are constantly active in civic affairs.

With resignation he made the necessary preparations for the trip, and taking Orlean with him, went to the small town.

His first regular novel was "Garman and Worse," a picture of the same small-town society which we find in the novel here printed.

The carriage took the ladies and their maid to a small town, some twelve miles off.





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