[ smahrt-lee ]
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  1. in a neat, trim way: At this boarding school, students must be smartly dressed and properly prepared for each class.

  2. in an elegant, sophisticated, or fashionable way: The contemporary white cabinets are smartly accented by modern terracotta tile.

  1. in a way that shows quick intelligence or good practical judgment: Smartly used, the tools I've highlighted will make you a better and more effective manager.

  2. shrewdly or sharply, as in business; strategically: Plan smartly, act coolly, and then retaliate when it best suits you.

  3. in a clever or witty way: The narrator in this song smartly observes that "the only thing that stays the same is everything changes."

  4. quickly or promptly: When the drill sergeant gives them an order, the recruits obey smartly.

  5. briskly or vigorously: The detective took the warrant from the officer and walked smartly into the inner office without knocking.

  6. in a pert or saucy way: Asked if the two of them could stop bickering like children and listen up, she retorted smartly, "I can if he can."

  7. in a sharp, precise, or severe way and with a cracking sound, as of striking or slapping: Under water, two rocks struck smartly together can be heard over a great distance.Mark out the shape of the hole by placing the metal plate in position and tapping it smartly with a hammer.

  8. Digital Technology. in a remote, automated, self-regulating, or seemingly intelligent way that makes use of electronic control mechanisms and programming, microprocessors, internet access, etc.: When our all-wheel drive system senses excessive slip, it smartly sends power to the wheel with the surest footing.

  9. sharply or keenly, as pain: I refused to limp, though my shin hurt smartly from the blow.

Origin of smartly

First recorded in 1220–30; smart + -ly

Other words from smartly

  • su·per·smart·ly, adverb

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