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  1. SmilesSamuel18121904MBritishWRITING: writer Samuel. 1812–1904, British writer: author of the didactic work Self-Help (1859)

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“The golden age of Parisian smiles nurtured, and was nurtured by, the rise of dentistry as a vocation,” writes Jones.

Smiles, or lack thereof, did not bring down the Ancient Regime, of course.

“I have a lot of memories as a teenager that helped,” she smiles.

“But I knew I had to put myself through that to be a great actor,” which, in itself, will take 40 years, he smiles.

Their bright eyes and wide, happy smiles have spread a feeling of happiness and hope across the art world and beyond.

The gentleman pauses and smiles with his head inclined, evidently expecting to be addressed in French.

The gentleman inclines his head lower, smiles, and waits patiently for a second or two.

But in the matter of that wine—the faintest of smiles hovered on her lips, her eyebrows went up a shade.

Here Mr. Samuel Weller, who had silently eaten his oysters with tranquil smiles, cried “Hear!”

Walter Bellamy, Esquire, sitting in state, received his friend and partner with many smiles and much urbanity.


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