[ smohk-free ]


  1. being or relating to a place where smoking is not allowed:

    In 2000, the tiny town of Moose Lake became the first town in the state to pass a smoke-free restaurants law.

  2. free from smoke, especially smoke from cigarettes or wildfires:

    All items have been stored in a clean, smoke-free home unless otherwise stated.

  3. not generating or producing smoke:

    One such device is a smoke-free cigarette that has been test-marketed in several U.S. states.

  4. (of a person) not in the habit of using cigarettes, cigars, or other smoking materials; nonsmoking:

    Our focus is promoting healthy eating, physical activity, smoke-free living, and emotional wellness.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of smoke-free1

First recorded in 1860–65

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Example Sentences

Louisiana law states: “Public post secondary education institutions shall develop smoke-free policies for its campuses.”

Public places, even parks, are smoke-free, and longevity is above the national average.

But he only smiled modestly and, extracting the empty shell, blew the lurking smoke free from the barrels.

In the center the frame work has no covering, in order to give the smoke free passage.





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