[ smoh-kee ]
/ ˈsmoʊ ki /

adjective, smok·i·er, smok·i·est.

emitting smoke, especially in large amounts.
hazy; darkened or begrimed with smoke.
having the character or appearance of smoke: smoky colors.
pertaining to or suggestive of smoke: a smoky haze.
of a dull or brownish gray; cloudy.
Also smok·ey .

Origin of smoky

A Middle English word dating back to 1275–1325; see origin at smoke, -y1

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British Dictionary definitions for smoky

/ (ˈsməʊkɪ) /

adjective smokier or smokiest

emitting, containing, or resembling smoke
emitting smoke excessively or in the wrong placea smoky fireplace
of or tinged with the colour smokea smoky cat
having the flavour of having been cured by smoking
made dark, dirty, or hazy by smoke

Derived forms of smoky

smokily, adverbsmokiness, noun
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