smoothing iron


a former name for iron (def. 2), iron (def. 3)

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Examples from the Web for smoothing iron

Historical Examples of smoothing iron

  • Place the board nearly (but not quite) upright, and set a smoothing-iron or a stone against the back to support it.

  • You could hear the sound of Sister Tobias's smoothing-iron coming up from below, thump-thumping on the blanketed board.

    The Dop Doctor

    Clotilde Inez Mary Graves

  • Next came the tailor himself to fit on the coat, to which he had given a touch with the smoothing-iron.

  • They are used for igniting hookhas: they are also burnt inside the smoothing-iron used by washermen in order to heat it.

    The Art of Travel

    Francis Galton

  • Her stoical eyelids were lowered, and she moved with the rhythmical motion of the smoothing-iron.

    The Mothers Of Honor

    Mary Hartwell Catherwood