verb (used without object), noun

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Related formsun·smoul·der·ing, adjectiveun·smoul·der·ing·ly, adverb


or smoul·der


verb (used without object)

to burn without flame; undergo slow or suppressed combustion.
to exist or continue in a suppressed state or without outward demonstration: Hatred smoldered beneath a polite surface.
to display repressed feelings, as of indignation, anger, or the like: to smolder with rage.


dense smoke resulting from slow or suppressed combustion.
a smoldering fire.

Origin of smolder

1275–1325; (noun) Middle English smolder smoky vapor, dissimilated variant of smorther smother; (v.) Middle English (as present participle smolderende), derivative of the noun

Related formsun·smol·der·ing, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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US smolder

verb (intr)

to burn slowly without flame, usually emitting smoke
(esp of anger, etc) to exist in a suppressed or half-suppressed state
to have strong repressed or half repressed feelings, esp anger


dense smoke, as from a smouldering fire
a smouldering fire

Word Origin for smoulder

C14: from smolder (n), of obscure origin


verb, noun

the US spelling of smoulder
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