or smoosh

[ smoosh ]

verb (used with object)

, Informal.
  1. to mash or push, especially to push down or in; compress:

    to smush a pie in someone's face.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of smush1

1910–15; probably blend of smash and mush 1

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Example Sentences

I attempted to smush the foil around as much as possible, at one point sticking wooden toothpicks through the foil into the mushrooms so I could be assured there was always contact.

From Eater

Tech companies think it sounds cool to smush words together.

Mike, "The Situation" Jersey Shore smush (v.)—to have sex with, ideally involving a guido and a guidette.

Smush, used contemptuously for the mouth, a hairy mouth:—'I don't like your ugly smush.'

Why, it's as good as smush even to know that any one is thinking of you kindly, let alone doing things.

In the morning, after a breakfast of smush, they climbed on the monster's back and started for the city at a good swinging pace.

And to be the grandfather of such bricks ought to be as good as smush and a perpetual delight.

Smush was at this instant emerging from the back parlor with a tray of colored fluids for the dancers.