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Symbol, Chemistry.
  1. tin.
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Origin of Sn

From the Latin word stannum


  1. Secretary of the Navy.
  2. Also sn, s/n. screen name.
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Historical Examples of sn

  • He stooped down and wrote in the snow with his finger, SN, 102.

    Back o' the Moon

    Oliver Onions

  • Phot be yez doin' here, young mon, sn'akin' along like a thafe?

    The Missing Tin Box

    Arthur M. Winfield

  • In the middle of the road are the two rocks of Jonathan, the name of one of which is Botsets, and of the other Sn.

  • In the year 1800, it was yielded back to France, under Napoleon, by a secret article in the treaty of Sn.

    Daniel Boone

    John S. C. Abbott

  • Parson, pr′sn, n. the priest or incumbent of a parish: a clergyman: one who is licensed to preach.

British Dictionary definitions for sn


the internet domain name for
  1. Senegal
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the chemical symbol for
  1. tin
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Word Origin for Sn

from New Latin stannum


abbreviation for
  1. Senegal (international car registration)
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sn in Medicine


  1. The symbol for the elementtin
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sn in Science


  1. The symbol for tin.
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  1. A malleable, silvery metallic element that occurs in igneous rocks. It has a crystalline structure and crackles when bent. Tin is used as an anticorrosion agent and is a part of numerous alloys, including bronze. Atomic number 50; atomic weight 118.71; melting point 231.89°C; boiling point 2,270°C; specific gravity 7.31; valence 2, 4. See Periodic Table. See Note at element.
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