snake dance

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a ceremonial dance of the American Indian in which snakes or representations of snakes are handled or imitated by the dancers.
a parade or procession, especially in celebration of a sports victory, in which the participants weave in single file in a serpentine course.



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Origin of snake dance

An Americanism dating back to 1765–75

Definition for snake dance (2 of 2)

[ sneyk-dans, -dahns ]
/ ˈsneɪkˌdæns, -ˌdɑns /

verb (used without object), snake-danced, snake-danc·ing.

to perform a snake dance.

Origin of snake-dance

First recorded in 1880–85
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British Dictionary definitions for snake dance

snake dance


a ceremonial dance, performed by the priests of the American Hopi Indians, in which live snakes are held in the mouth
  1. the swaying movements of snakes responding to a snake charmer
  2. a Hindu dance in which performers imitate such snake movements
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