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[ snapt ]


  1. broken suddenly and with a sharp cracking sound:

    The snapped twig startled the animal, and it darted to safety.

  2. photographed, especially quickly or spontaneously:

    A hastily snapped photo captured the moment.

  3. Digital Technology.
    1. (of a QR code or other source) scanned using a smartphone or other digital device in order to read the encoded text or URL and browse the hyperlinked web page:

      The URL of the snapped QR code was only a blank page with no info, just a silly movie clip.

    2. being or relating to an icon or other displayed item moved instantly and automatically into alignment with a grid or into a predetermined position, as to a corner or edge of the screen:

      A snapped app occupies a narrower region of the screen, freeing up the remaining screen area.

  4. uttered quickly and sharply, as a command, retort, rebuke, etc.:

    "None of your business!" was the snapped reply.

  5. closed, opened, placed, thrown, applied, etc., with a sharp, quick sound or movement:

    A snapped shot hit the goalie in the net and was knocked away.

    The tip of a snapped whip would’ve hurt like a knife.

  6. Football. (of the ball) put into play by tossing it back to a member of the offensive backfield, especially from between the legs when bent over double:

    A punter receives the snapped ball and punts it to the opposing team in a way that limits any field position advantage.

  7. (of the fingers) making a sudden sharp sound by being pressed against each other and then released sideways:

    They arrogantly expect the rest of the world to jump to their snapped fingers.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of snap.
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Example Sentences

Through its first two games last season, the team logged 15 offensive snaps with the lead.

Meanwhile, on the healthcare front, Gilead Sciences snapped up cancer treatment maker Immunomedics for roughly $21 billion.

From Fortune

That sort of snap judgment that might have played out differently if it was me other than Tony.

It isn’t always Amazon that’s snapping up these properties, of course.

Despite the progress, the window for doing this kind of work with actors could snap shut soon.

From Digiday

Eyes gouged, necks snapped, and even some good old fashioned cannibalism.

The seemingly endless ranks snapped to attention on command and thousands of white gloves rose in salute.

An x-ray two hours later confirms my hunch: my tibia (the big bone behind the shin) is snapped clean in two.

We huddled up and the boy snapped the photo, then handed me the camera.

As soon as the criminal left the shop, the victim snapped back into consciousness and tried to chase after him.

To drop on one knee and level his piece was the work of an instant, but unfortunately he snapped a dry twig in doing so.

Ribsy snapped at it, and swallowed it, and the next instant disappeared with a tremendous explosion in a great cloud of smoke.

It is reported that last week a germ snapped at him and broke off two of its teeth.

Then rolling chewing-gum from one corner of his mouth into the other, he snapped off the electric light and walked from the room.

And MacRae's patience snapped like a frayed thread before many minutes of futile query.





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