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[ snee-kee ]


, sneak·i·er, sneak·i·est.
  1. like or suggestive of a sneak; furtive; deceitful.

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Other Words From

  • sneaki·ly adverb
  • sneaki·ness noun
  • un·sneaky adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of sneaky1

First recorded in 1825–35; sneak + -y 1

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Example Sentences

Uber and Lyft used sneaky tactics to avoid making drivers employees in California, voters say.

So you could still ask the grandparents whether the present was received, which is the sneaky way of getting the couple in trouble.

In terms of how much time goes into making its components, no sandwich requires more actual work than a Thanksgiving sandwich, but because it is a vehicle for leftovers rather than the main event, making one always feels like a sneaky triumph.

From Eater

Flipping through one of these cookbooks almost feels sneaky, like you’re peeking into someone’s grandma’s recipe box to find her most treasured culinary secrets.

From Eater

Nobody checks where the reviews come from, so anybody can write anything about your product here including sneaky competitors trying to manipulate your rating.

"Hello Kitty" as a double entendre is actually surprisingly modest and sneaky.

The California computer hack that threatened women, including Miss Teen USA, will get jail time for his sneaky sexploits.

“Ryan Braun typical sneaky Jew,” tweeted one upstanding sports fan last month.

It is not flattering in the least to have my utterly transparent agenda presented as somehow sneaky and hidden.

Channeling his best Madoff—with a dash of Paulson and Falcone—Richard Gere plays a sneaky financier in ‘Arbitrage.’

To make things worse, the small percentage of hydrogen in the atmosphere got sneaky sometimes.

I can't forgive him for the sneaky way he went to work— counting on our suspecting young Davis if the matter came to light.

The old rascal's taken a dislike to me, and I'd be afraid he'd give me a sneaky bite, or claw me.

Anything mean, anything sneaky, could not live in the steady light of those dark-grey eyes.

Ef he'd 'a' missed school one day he knowed two sneaky chaps thet would 'a' robbed that nest, either goin' or comin'.


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