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/ ˈsnaɪpə /


  1. a rifleman who fires from a concealed place, esp a military marksman who fires from cover usually at long ranges at individual enemy soldiers
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Example Sentences

The fences are themselves covered in black sniper netting, to discourage assassins.

Eric Frein eluded Pennsylvania police for seven weeks after he allegedly killed a state trooper with a sniper shot.

Before long, she was awarded the “Top Shot” award, and poised to be a top-level sniper.

“I had to go in the tunnels under [a] town to avoid sniper fire,” she said.

He lists them starting with modern sniper rifles going all the way up to anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles.

Suddenly a sniper would see some part of me showing, and would then let drive at me.

Then a German sniper with his gun climbed up on the platform.

Poor fellow, he was killed by a sniper near St loi on April 15.

Dyer was caught by a sniper, and Tucker was hit in the leg by a machine gun bullet.

No time for a lad of his mettle to weary of well-doing; and he knew of a sniper worth adding to his bag.


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