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[ snoo-pee ]


, Informal.
, snoop·i·er, snoop·i·est.
  1. characterized by meddlesome curiosity; prying.

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Other Words From

  • snoopi·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of snoopy1

First recorded in 1890–95; snoop + -y 1

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Example Sentences

It was Littlejohn who drew the iconic image of Snoopy dancing on a piano despite Charles Schulz's protests.

I also have tons of espresso-sized mugs with Snoopy on them, in various heroic poses.

Snoopy has eyes bigger than Bette Davis, which in turn, makes her probably the most snuggly cat in the world.

He was not dancing Snoopy's Christmas dance, or even walking around.

He has had six reincarnations: Aviator Snoopy, Astronaut Snoopy, Skating Snoopy, Millennium Snoopy, and Flying Ace Snoopy.

They could hear their silent, snoopy hands creeping softly over the stones.

This time it was Snoopy Sykes, the most voiceless member of the union.

A great big, two-hundred-pound monster, who simply threw Snoopy and Georgie Ross all about the rink.

Captain Jack and Snoopy in the first five minutes actually put in two goals, with that back goal play of theirs.

Why, the way he mauled little Snoopy and Geordie Ross in the first part of the game was perfectly horrid.