[ snoh-man ]


, plural snow·men.
  1. a figure of a person made of packed snow.
  2. Slang.
    1. the numeral eight:

      They retired Ripken’s number in 2001, so no Oriole will again wear that snowman on his back.

    2. Golf. a score of eight strokes on any individual hole:

      I blew it on the ninth hole—still can’t believe I made the dreaded snowman.


/ ˈsnəʊˌmæn /


  1. a figure resembling a man, made of packed snow

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Word History and Origins

Origin of snowman1

First recorded in 1820–30; snow + man

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Example Sentences

It’s all about Santa Claus hanging out on the beach in shades or snowmen melting in the summer sun.

From Vox

In the winter I made a big snowman, and we had a big snowball fight.

From Time

The end result was a somewhat bizarre and silly-looking snowman, made of three oddly-shaped spherical balls.

It became clear that the object was not a snowman so much as two pancakes stuck together at their edge.

In the initial spacecraft images, Arrokoth seemed to resemble a 22-mile-tall snowman, with a smaller ball jammed onto a second, larger one.

Who is Parson Brown, and why are these people making a snowman that looks like him?

The narrator is suggesting that they build a snowman that looks like a minister.

The dissolution of their relationship plays out in the achingly poignant duet "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"

It's a hooter you'd only be delighted with if you were a snowman.

Trapped inside every snowman is a little boy just waiting to get out.

As Mun Bun had first announced, he looked like a snowman, only his face was grayish-black.

Pressing his face close to the glass of one of the outer doors, Mun Bun stared down at the "black snowman" on the step.

Grimly the lanterns burned in the eyes and mouth of the snowman—welcome!

"You go over and help sister make a snowman," he added, for this is what Jan and the other two girls were trying to do.

Just as a snowman made by children melts in the warm sun of March, so the fierce old North Wind began to thaw!





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