Snowy Mountain

  1. of or relating to the Snowy Mountains of Australia or their inhabitants

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How to use Snowy Mountain in a sentence

  • These, guarding the atajo and captives, immediately set out and rode off in the direction of the Snowy Mountain.

    The Scalp Hunters | Mayne Reid
  • By sunrise of the next day we had repassed the cañon, and were riding towards the Snowy Mountain.

    The Scalp Hunters | Mayne Reid
  • A calm radiance of wonder and joy lighted the pale face of Artaban like the first ray of dawn, on a Snowy Mountain-peak.

  • Small streams flow down the sides of the Snowy Mountain in channels lined with oxide of iron of the most delicate tints of red.

    Wonders of the Yellowstone | James Richardson
  • Above the cliffs, white and sharp and fantastic in their outline, Snowy Mountain summits showed clear against the deep blue sky.

    The Invader | Margaret L. Woods