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[ snuhbd ]


  1. treated with disdain or contempt, especially by being ignored:

    Some of the snubbed actors on this list have managed to snag a nomination or two, but none of them ever won despite incredible talent and hard work.

  2. sharply rebuked or rejected:

    At my shouted challenge he backed off the stairs, slinking away like a snubbed lap dog.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of snub.

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Other Words From

  • un·snubbed adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of snubbed1

First recorded in 1580–90; snub ( def ) + -ed 2( def ) for the adjective senses; snub ( def ) + -ed 1( def ) for the verb sense

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Example Sentences

So impressive are Beal’s numbers, so unarguable is his status as a must-watch player, that the idea that the 27-year-old guard would be snubbed this time around was laughable.

Collins, who’s reportedly peeved after the Human Rights Campaign snubbed her in the 2020 election in favor of her Democratic challenger, didn’t respond to multiple requests by the Blade to comment on the Equality Act.

Several reggaeton artists — including Daddy Yankee and Balvin — boycotted last year’s ceremony over repeated snubs.

While the index initially passed over the company during its September rebalancing—which some investors viewed as a snub—Tesla went on to turn another profit in the third quarter, reinforcing its case for S&P 500 inclusion.

From Fortune

That's fine—excellent TV shows are snubbed all the time by these awards organizations.

It deserves all the trophies in the world, and yet still somehow was snubbed for Drama Series at the most recent Emmys.

But when it comes to drama, a series of A-listers got snubbed.

While fans of snubbed teams will be furious, or dispirited, or both, Wellman will crush in the aftermath of Tourney selection.

But, lesbihonest, it definitely looks like a snubbed Miley was trying for some tongue.

But the particular Private Secretary of your answerer being not up to his work you get snubbed.

I snubbed Garboard, twitted Oxley and played the very dickens with the flagship's midshipmen.

Her sympathy with a great soldier snubbed, an active man rusting, kept her from remonstrance.

She was a manageable woman; the same scourge had its instant wholesome effect on her when she snubbed the secretary.

When he snubbed carefully the noose drew close around the stake, and the latter held.


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