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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.

Origin of snug

1575–85; perhaps <Old Norse snøggr short-haired; cognate with Swedish snygg neat
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British Dictionary definitions for snug

/ (snʌɡ) /

adjective snugger or snuggest


(in Britain and Ireland) one of the bars in certain pubs, offering intimate seating for only a few persons
engineering a small peg under the head of a bolt engaging with a slot in the bolted component to prevent the bolt turning when the nut is tightened

verb snugs, snugging or snugged

to make or become comfortable and warm
(tr) nautical to make (a vessel) ready for a storm by lashing down gear
snugly, adverbsnugness, noun
C16 (in the sense: prepared for storms (used of a ship)): related to Old Icelandic snöggr short-haired, Swedish snygg tidy, Low German snögger smart
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