[ snuhg-lee ]
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  1. in a way that is warmly comfortable or cozy, sheltered, safe, etc.: Our cottages are nestled snugly in 35 acres of gardens and natural bush.The marina is snugly placed in the southwest corner of the harbor, at the root of the breakwater.

  2. closely or tightly to the contours of a person’s body or other object: The threaded pipe should fit snugly into the hole without any gap that dirt can get through.The nurse wrapped the blood pressure cuff snugly around my upper arm.

  1. neatly and compactly: That leftover tuna salad will fit snugly in this 1-cup airtight container.

  2. with enough money or other supports or advantages to feel secure and comfortable: The financier despised these fat little clients living so snugly on their unearned incomes.

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  • un·snug·ly, adverb

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