[ snahy-der ]


  1. Gary, born 1930, U.S. poet and essayist.
  2. a city in NW central Texas.

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Example Sentences

Snyder has pledged to address any problems in the team’s workplace.

Schottenheimer was simply not “Snyder’s kind of guy,” several people said at the time.

In a December court filing, Snyder called the woman’s claims “meritless” and said an insurance company opted to pay the settlement.

It’s also worth noting that Snyder’s franchise previously appeared to have little interest in fostering a diverse culture because it openly flouted the NFL’s rules meant to encourage it.

Snyder’s 2013 campaign stood out in a crowded field of seven candidates for its flashes of humor.

I phoned Zack [Snyder] and said, “Well how much did you grow?”

Snyder remembered one more site in Hollister he urged me to visit.

I spoke with Andy Snyder from the U.S. Geological Survey about the phenomenon.

The Michigan law is expected to be signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder.

But in 2013, Snyder signed a barely revised version of the emergency manager law—and then used it to take over Detroit.

Alice bowed before Mrs. Snyder and retreated to a window at the other side of the room.

Mrs. Sarah Joy Snyder listened and got data for future lectures, with her mirthful mouth sternly set.

After Von Rosen had finished his sandwiches and tea, he made his way to Mrs. Snyder, and complimented her upon her lecture.

“I heard that Mrs. Sarah Joy Snyder's address was really very remarkable,” said she.

Jacob Snyder, subsequently manager and proprietor of the Shipley house, in Cumberland.