soap boiler

  1. a manufacturer of soap

Derived forms of soap boiler

  • soap boiling, noun

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How to use soap boiler in a sentence

  • Gram gambles away the money, but I don't know what the soap-boiler does with his distinguished honours.

    The O'Ruddy | Stephen Crane
  • We too have one or two rich people in the town here—Soap-boiler Unschlitt must be a millionaire….

    Royal Highness | Thomas Mann
  • Nobody even suggested to him that he should consort with soap-boiler Unschlitt or bank-director Wolfsmilch on confidential terms.

    Royal Highness | Thomas Mann
  • If you have not land to enrich with your ashes they can be disposed of to advantage at the soap boiler's.

  • This an officer undertook to procure me, and prevailed on an honest soap-boiler to grant me a hiding place.