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[ soh-pee ]


, soap·i·er, soap·i·est.
  1. containing or impregnated with soap:

    soapy water.

  2. covered with soap or lather:

    soapy dishes.

  3. of the nature of soap; resembling soap:

    a soft, soapy fiber.

  4. pertaining to or characteristic of soap:

    a clean, soapy smell.

  5. Informal. characteristic or reminiscent of a soap opera; melodramatic; corny:

    a soapy plot.


/ ˈsəʊpɪ /


  1. containing or covered with soap

    soapy water

  2. resembling or characteristic of soap
  3. slang.
    flattering or persuasive


  1. See soapie
    a variant of soapie

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Derived Forms

  • ˈsoapiness, noun
  • ˈsoapily, adverb

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Other Words From

  • soapi·ly adverb
  • soapi·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of soapy1

First recorded in 1600–10; soap + -y 1

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Example Sentences

Preferably, the place you’re renting has a one-two setup—an outdoor shower for the initial emergency removals, then indoors for more soapy fine-tuning.

Instead of an eye-opening docuseries or a tear-jerking drama, it’s a reality show in the glossy, soapy Bravo mold.

From Time

For most of that time, all we see is soapy water ebbing and flowing over the stone tiles.

From Time

I found a brush used for washing dishes with a handle that holds a soapy gel is the ideal cleaning tool for things like that, and it's not expensive.

A soapy glass slipping through your fingers produces a shearing force — and possibly a crash.

I was totally resistant to it because I always thought that the minute that happened, it was likely to become soapy!

The characters in Pitch Dark can seem plucked from this soapy version of reality.

There is a steady flow of bowls of warm water, soapy and clear, delivered by a stream of helpers.

I stroke his muscles with a soapy washcloth, picking out the embedded flecks of glass with my fingernails.

The story is more rich and complicated than the trailers give away without any soapy melodrama.

After sweeping it is good to wipe the carpet with a cloth wrung out of warm, soapy water in which is a little ammonia.

Glycerine and soapy water, equal parts, may be introduced into the bowel for temporary relief of a persistent constipation.

Freydissa enforced her command by sending a mass of soapy cloth which she had just wrung out after the retreating Bertha.

Mr. Brown scrubbed him vigorously, and Bobby splashed and swam and churned the soapy water to foam.

At the bottom of the cliff, a hundred metres below the road on which you ride, break the soapy waves of the sea.


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