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verb (used without object),sobbed, sob·bing.
  1. to weep with a convulsive catching of the breath.

  2. to make a sound resembling this.

verb (used with object),sobbed, sob·bing.
  1. to utter with sobs.

  2. to put, send, etc., by sobbing or with sobs: to sob oneself to sleep.

  1. the act of sobbing; a convulsive catching of the breath in weeping.

  2. any sound suggesting this.

Origin of sob

1150–1200; Middle English sobben, apparently imitative

Other words from sob

  • sobber, noun
  • sob·bing·ly, adverb
  • sobful, adjective

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How to use sob in a sentence

  • A sob rose in her throat, and broke from her lips transformed into a trembling, sharp, glad cry.

    The Bondboy | George W. (George Washington) Ogden
  • No sob, no sigh, forced its way from her heart, throbbing as though it would burst.

  • And no sooner had she guessed it than, with a choking sob, she told herself that what madame could do that could she also.

    St. Martin's Summer | Rafael Sabatini
  • He was choking down a sob when he caught sight of some women with packs upon their backs.

    The Later Cave-Men | Katharine Elizabeth Dopp
  • “No,” she said decidedly; and her little lips were tightly compressed, so that they should not give vent to a sob.

    The Bag of Diamonds | George Manville Fenn

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/ (sɒb) /

verbsobs, sobbing or sobbed
  1. (intr) to weep with convulsive gasps

  2. (tr) to utter with sobs

  1. to cause (oneself) to be in a specified state by sobbing: to sob oneself to sleep

  1. a convulsive gasp made in weeping

Origin of sob

C12: probably from Low German; compare Dutch sabben to suck

Derived forms of sob

  • sobber, noun
  • sobbing, noun, adjective

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/ slang, mainly US and Canadian /

abbreviation for
  1. son of a bitch

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