[ soh-bruh-key, -ket, soh-bruh-key, -ket; French saw-bree-ke ]
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noun,plural so·bri·quets [soh-bruh-keyz, -kets, soh-bruh-keyz, -kets; French saw-bree-ke]. /ˈsoʊ brəˌkeɪz, -ˌkɛts, ˌsoʊ brəˈkeɪz, -ˈkɛts; French sɔ briˈkɛ/.
  1. a nickname.

Origin of sobriquet

First recorded in 1640–50; origin uncertain; from French Middle French soubriquet “nickname, surname,” formerly also “a jest,” from Old French soubriquet, soubzbriquet “a gentle tap under the chin, a chuck under the chin”
  • Also sou·bri·quet [soo-bruh-key, -ket, soo-bruh-key, -ket] /ˈsu brəˌkeɪ, -ˌkɛt, ˌsu brəˈkeɪ, -ˈkɛt/ .

Other words from sobriquet

  • so·bri·quet·i·cal, adjective

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/ (ˈsəʊbrɪˌkeɪ) /

  1. a humorous epithet, assumed name, or nickname

Origin of sobriquet

C17: from French soubriquet, of uncertain origin

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