Social Democratic Party

  1. History/Historical. a political party in Germany advocating a form of social organization based on the economic and political ideology of Karl Marx.

  2. any of several European political parties advocating a gradual transition to socialism or a modified form of socialism by and under democratic processes.

  1. a U.S. political party, organized about 1897, that joined former members of the Socialist Labor party to form the Socialist party.

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British Dictionary definitions for Social Democratic Party

Social Democratic Party

  1. (in Britain 1981–90) a centre political party founded by ex-members of the Labour Party. It formed an alliance with the Liberal Party and continued in a reduced form after many members left to join the Social and Liberal Democratic Party in 1988

  2. one of the two major political parties in Germany (formerly in West Germany), favouring gradual reform

  1. any of the parties in many other countries similar to that of Germany

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