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social engineering

[ soh-shuhl en-juh-neer-ing ]


  1. Political Science. the manipulation of social beliefs and behaviors by public or private entities through legislation, policy, and investment.
  2. a technique that uses psychological manipulation, fraud, or dishonesty to force people to disclose private personal or corporate information, or to take a particular action:

    Hackers are using social engineering to perpetrate phishing scams.

social engineering


  1. the manipulation of the social position and function of individuals in order to manage change in a society

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Other Words From

  • so·cial en·gi·neer noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of social engineering1

First recorded in 1895–1900

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Example Sentences

Maybe there are engineering answers to reduce social engineering but still allow researchers access to investigate device compromise.

So part of the challenge—it’s a social engineering exercise—is getting lawmakers and investors to invest in risk.

Some straightforward examples are malware, spyware, social engineering scams, and false information.

It’s tempting to dismiss it all as being more about social engineering of our lifestyles than about actual economic reforms.

Twitter said it is still investigating the incident, which it believes occurred after “a coordinated social engineering attack” was waged on some of its employees in order to gain access to its internal administrator tools.

From Digiday

One innovation in the game was the Social Engineering screen: Different technologies unlock different social engineering options.

No less an expert than Newt Gingrich called it "right-wing social engineering".

He called the Medicare voucher plan “right-wing social engineering.”

His agenda includes ratcheting down American influence overseas, so he can focus on social engineering at home.

It will only provide more fodder for the right wing, which will present it as a case of elitist social engineering.

They use social engineering hacks to try to get us to reveal ourselves so that they can bust us.

Household engineering is the great need for material welfare, and social engineering for moral and ethical well-being.

The organization of sound economic groups is a problem in the field of social engineering.

There is, however, a special need for some social engineering which can initiate Boarding Homes for the Elderly.

The changes that continue to affect the society are more the result of economic growth than of social engineering.


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